Inventor Macro: Update and Save All


In Inventor, if you work with multiple levels of assemblies and have documents that include some degree of automation, such as complex parameter formulas or “iLogic” rules, you often find yourself in a situation where you must update and save all documents several times during your development process.

So here is a simple Inventor macro to be able to “Update and Save” silently (without confirmation dialog)
the active document as well as all the dependent documents:

Public Sub UpdateAndSaveAll()


End Sub
Public Sub UpdateAndSaveAll()


End Sub
public void UpdateAndSaveAll()

The simplest way to implement this macro if to put it into your default VBA project project.

To doing so, you need to :

  • Open the “VBA Editor” :
  • Access the default VBA project.
  • Insert the macro into an appropriate container, such as a new module called “Document”.

You can now refer to this macro via a keyboard shortcut.

Again, to do so, you need to :

  • Go to the customization menu :
  • Assign a new shortcut for the macro (ex.: Ctrl+Shift+S):

If you want, you can also add a button for this macro to the Assembly ribbon:

Voila! Now you have access to a macro that can speed up your workflow.

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